A-Ball 1.0

A-Ball 1.0 is a breakout like game, similar to Arkanoid
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A-Ball 1.0 is a breakout like game.
As in similar games as Arkanoid (R), you ´ll need to destroy bricks making the balls bounce on your bat and the walls. The bricks are destroyed when the ball touches them.

Should you miss the ball, you will lose a life.

During the game, as you hit the bricks they would free some power-ups (like expanding your bat, making it magnetic, double the balls in play, etc.). You have to catch them to use them. Warning, there are also some things that would be harmful to you, for example, one item will shrink your bat.

Some bricks will be harder (if not impossible) to destroy, since they are made in a different material. You´ll have to hit them more than one time to destroy them.

During the game you will see different kind of balls (like one green and white, with very irregular movements), explosive balls and more. From time to time, a Torpedo Gun will land in a parachute. Should you catch it, you can fire it using the left mouse button to destroy bricks quickly.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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